We provide architects, designers, builders, real estate owners & managers, and institutional clients with access to our comprehensive knowledge of product, ordering, shipping, installation, and maintenence procedures. We can provide:

  • On and off-site product and process consultations
  • Field ready evaluations
  • Full ready-to-build architectural specifications in hard copy and/or electronic formats
  • Installation oversight
  • Construction management
  • Quality-control oversight
  • Warranty follow-up and implementation
James Turrell Exhibit, Guggenheim NYC

James Turrell Exhibit, Guggenheim NYC

KPMG - Acoustical Plaster

KPMG - Acoustical Plaster

Our Company

DS Finishes began business as Design Strategies in 1995, and has enjoyed a reputation for reliability, service, and integrity in the field of architectural finishing and detailing. 

We have spent the last 22 years refining our product line. 

We represent the latest state-of-the-art products available in the fields of architectural surfacing, lighting, detailing, and structural protection and maintenance.

We provide building professionals with comprehensive and up-to-date architectural specifications and information.


Robert "Buck" Rosenfield

Buck Rosenfield has served the architectural commercial product marketplace in the New York City, Tri-State and New England for over 30 years. While serving as National Sales Manager for the Interfinish Division of Chicago Metallic Corporation he launched Design Strategies. Born and raised in Westport Connecticut, Buck has two daughters and a passion for vintage vehicles.

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Henry Morehouse

Henry started with Design Strategies over two years ago, bringing with him an artist's perspective on the world. After being raised in Cuba during the revolution, Henry worked within the architecture and publishing industries for many years. An integral part of the team, Henry has created much of the literature and graphics we use today. He is an expert in office front systems and truly a master of design.

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Dylan Lindeberg

Dylan has provided sales support, lead generation, web design, and marketing services to Design Strategies for roughly two years. He graduated Northeastern University Cum Laude with a B.S. in Finance and Entrepreneurship and has experience from both Brown Brothers Harriman and Fidelity Capital Markets. In 2014 he founded an aerial marketing startup and has spent several years interacting with the Boston real estate market. He manages the Instagram account and is an expert in digital marketing.

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