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Metal Ceilings and walls

Metal panel ceiling and wall systems, perforated metal ceilings, torsion spring concealed suspension system, expanded metal ceiling and wall panels, stainless steel panels, column covers, and metal shapes.

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Lay-In Ceiling Systems

The AC 100 series is a flat/sloped or vaulted (curved) lay-in panel designed to lay-in to a standard ceiling grid. It can be solid or perforated and can be manufactured in aluminum or steel. The ceiling panel can also be perforated or non-perforated.
Standard sizes are 2´ X 2´ or 2´ X 4´.
Custom sizes are also available.

Tegular Edged Ceiling System

The AC200 series is a tegular edge lay-in flat, vaulted or radial panel designed to generally lay-in to a standard ceiling grid. It can be non-perforated or perforated and can be manufactured in steel or aluminum. Standard sizes are 2´ X 2´ or 2´ X 4´ but custom sizes can be made.

AC210 Lay-In Flat, Tegular Edged Metal Ceiling System

AC210 Lay-In Flat, Tegular Edged Metal Ceiling System

Torsion Spring Series

The AC-400 Series are torsion spring ceiling systems. The system can be flat, curved, radial, vaulted or domed. They are designed to attach to a factory modified ceiling grid system. It can be non-perforated or perforated with choices of steel or aluminum. The only restriction in the ceiling panel size or shape is the availability of raw material.

Metal Wall Panel Series

Accént Ceilings and Walls offers unlimited opportunity to achieve highly imaginative and creative interior schemes. Available with a wide variety of finishes and perforations, flat or curved Accént panels offer the architect, specifier and contractor alike a superior precision system that is both aesthetically decorative and highly cost effective.

Accént offers a comprehensive range of metal finishes: stainless steel, steel, aluminum and custom, with various surface finishes including painted, polished, anodized, laminated, powder coated, brushed, galvanized and customized. They have harnessed the natural beauty of real wood as an applied finish to its ceilings and walls, called SureWood. From often being seen as a building material of the past, natural wood is now rapidly becoming established as a desirable and environmentally acceptable material of the future thanks to its unique combination of elegance and sustainability.

Accent Beams

Beam Systems add a bold look to any ceiling installation and are available in a wide range of finishes: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, painted, simulated wood and custom finishes. Beams are available in sizes ranging from 2” x 2” to 12” x 12” as well as custom sizes.
Accent's world-class metal fabrication facilities feature lasers, brake presses and highly specialized perforating punching cells, allowing virtually any design, material, shape and finish to be applied to a ceiling or wall. From concept to delivery to site, their technical experts work hand in hand with you to provide the necessary technical and manufacturing advice to bring your imagination to fruition. There are virtually no limits to what can be achieved, which brings an exciting new direction to complement any interior scheme, large or small.

Perimeter Channel Trim

The AC-950PT is a break formed metal channel trim. Available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and wood grain faux (EnviroWood). Both horizontal legs are hemmed for clean edge appearance. Snap in grid splice clips allow for fast, easy installation. The trim is available in any size from 2" to 24" inches high, with larger sizes available on request. 

AC-950PT Series Beam Systems Series

AC-950PT Series Beam Systems Series