Large scale expanded mesh products for facades, security, decorative surfaces, ceiling and wall systems. Rated wind loading and attachment systems on a wide variety of expanded metal.

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Apex - Expanded Mesh

AMICO has improved Expanded Metal manufacturing methods to create a new line of high-quality Expanded Mesh products. The APEX line offers a unique combination of opaqueness, translucency, texture and structural integrity. Their ability to design unique mesh patterns in combination with engineered fastening systems lets them partner with you on a project from design development through installation.

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PEAK - Perforated Metals

Amico's state of the art perforating equipment and highly skilled programmers will work directly with your design team to create stunning visual effects through the perforating process. They typically perforate carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum but can also assist with other alloys such as copper, brass, titanium, weathering steel and more.

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