85 Broad Street


MetLife Commissary, 85 Broad Street, New York, NY

Chief Architect: 

Mancini Duffy

Lighting Designer: 

OneLux Studio


  1. Accent Ceilings | Metal Ceilings Walls

  2. Newmat | Stretch Ceiling Systems


  1. Accent Ceilings, Mirrored Metal Torsion Spring Panels

  2. NewMat, Luminous Light Boxes

MetLife sought to reposition this basement cafeteria as an amenity space that felt open and expansive despite having no natural light. The ceiling height was just 8’6”, so a mirrored metal ceiling was used to make the space appear larger than it actually is. Design Strategies and Accent Ceilings provided a stainless steel mirror panel system that intentionally distorts the imaging while providing butt-jointed metal panels that are fully 100% accessible. Newmat provided stretched membrane light boxes that give the space a soft, diffuse ambiance.

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