Barneys New York


101 7th Ave, New York, NY

Chief Architect: 

Steven Harris Architects


Intex Forms | GFRG/GRFC Molded Products


Sweeney & Harkin


  1. Intex Forms, GFRG Light Coves, Knife Edge

Barneys New York, one of the city’s most iconic clothing retailers, just opened a new flagship location in a familiar spot. It is located in the Chelsea neighborhood on 7th Avenue between 16th and 17th street, marking the return of the luxury retail store to the same block on which the company was founded in 1923. 

Design Strategies and Intex formed the ceiling light coves, now installed in all Barneys store redesigns in North America. Molded out of GFRG, each light cove is unique and offers aesthetically pleasing light refraction that creates a calm and tranquil environment with a subtle inordinate luxury.

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