Commack Library


18 Hauppauge Road, Commack, NY

Chief Architect: 

Beatty Harvey Coco Architects


FELLERT | Seamless Acoustical Plaster


  1. Fellert Silk, Pure White Finish

After 41 years of serving the community the Commack Library was in need of some modernization. As libraries move away from simply being the home of books to a center of the community it was important for the town and the architects to consider the future uses of this space. The updated and reconfigured space will support the educational, research, technological, recreational, and entertainment needs of the community. “All of the work was done with the use of sustainable and energy-efficient systems and materials to significantly improve the building’s operational efficiency, save money for years to come, and prevent the release of volatile organic compounds that could impact indoor air quality,” said Jason Vasquez, project manager.

A result of this attention to the components of the building materials was the decision to use Fellert acoustical plaster. While Fellert is an amazing acoustical plaster in its own right it is also the only acoustical plaster not to include silica, which as been found to cause lung cancer, silicosis and other potentially debilitating respiratory diseases, making it a natural choice when the air quality and livability of an area is a major consideration.

To read more on the dangers of silica and OSHA’s new regulations regarding it please visit the Design Strategies Blog.

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