Continental Grain Company


767 5th Avenue, New York, NY

Chief Architect: 

Ted Moudis Associates


Sky Acoustics | Custom Acoustical Products

Products Used:

  1. Sky Acoustics, Stratus, White

    Tegular, Lay-In acoustical ceiling tiles (ACT) for any standard T-Grid suspension system.

  2. Sky Acoustics, AURA, White

    Aluminum edge acoustical panels with 1/8” reveal.

  3. Sky Acoustics, APTUS

    Fully Accessible suspension system, torsion spring panels, 1/8” reveal

In Continental Grains’ new New York City headquarters the company focused on developing a more open and modern style. With open plan workspaces, collaborative zones, and glass fronted private offices, which provide flexibility as needs change, Ted Moudis Associates created a design aesthetic that took visual cues from classic modern design. The addition of Sky Acoustics acoustical tiles help to keep the noise of the hustle and bustle of their office from disturbing the buzzing work environment.

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