Queens Museum of Art


New York City Building
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Queens, NY 11368

Chief Architect: 



Newmat | Stretch Ceiling Systems


  1. NewMat, Diffusing Baffles

  2. NewMat, Micro-perforated membranes

The design of this newly renovated museum, which is located on the former site of two World's Fairs, required a 105,000 square foot interior with room for an expanded permanent collection of art and culture, spacious temporary galleries, and expanded educational and public events spaces. To provide the perfect lighting and acoustical treatment for this huge space, Grimshaw chose Design Strategies to install approximately 27,000 square feet of ceilings using ACM15/white matte micro-perforated membranes with custom ghost perimeter rails curved where necessary and 1"- 6lb. density acoustical insulation backing. Also installed were 110 custom fabricated ceiling panels/baffles with concealed perimeter angle (approximately 3,000 square feet total) using ACM15/white matte micro-perforated membranes to create the perfect balance between light blocking and light reflecting in the skylight areas. The overall effect is that of an enormous, light-filled atrium with the look and feel of a beautiful and exciting community commons.

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