Spyscape Museum


Spyscape Museum
928 8th Avenue, NEW YORK, NY

Chief Architect: 

David Adjaye, Adjaye Associates


Fellert | Seamless Acoustical Plaster


  1. Fellert Black Acoustical Plaster, Sahara Finish (Lightly Textured)

Designed by David Adjaye’s firm the Spyscape museum occupies a renovated 60,00 square-foot building on W. 55th Street in Midtown, Manhattan. Weathering steel drums are installed to house the surveillance, hacking, deception and intelligence operation themed exhibition. The black Fellert acoustical plaster was an important component to set the secretive and intriguing tone for the space. A mix of smoked glass, grey acoustic paneling, mirror-polished steel and dim lighting were also chosen for surrounding spaces to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere.

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