Faux Wood Beams for Commercial Construction

Faux wood beams can provide an excellent design aesthetic without adding significant complexity. A beautiful compliment to many rooms, the flexibility of design is in your hands. The most cost efficient beam system is factory made and hung by drywall contractors. Learn more below, or contact Design Strategies with questions, sample requests, or architectural support (info@dsfinishes.com, 888-692-7377).

Application example of Architectural Components Group Inc. (ACGI) beam system in place.

Beam Series 1 (BM1)

BM1 can be square, rectangular, round or half-round. BM1 includes half beams for wall applications, and simple moldings can be attached almost anywhere. This series is the easiest to install and field modify. 

Beam Series 2 (BM2)

BM2 is is designed in association with elaborate decorative moldings. Design Strategies provides assistance in identifying types of molding that coordinate effectively. The architect should confer directly with Design Strategies to discuss specific project details.

Beam Series 3 (BM3)

BM3 is a horizontal radius beam. The internal design allows for exact dimensions and smooth surfaces. Different radii are available upon request.

Beam Series 4 (BM4)

BM4 is a vertical radius beam. Different radii are available. Beams are available with finished faces on all sides if required. 

MR 4.1, MR 4.2, MR 7, EQ 4.4

The ACGI Beam System is available in a large variety of wood veneers to meet design requirements.

The ACGI Beam System can be finished in any of our standard finish options or custom finishes.

The ACGI Beam System can be manufactured with various matching, decorative moldings. Please contact Design Strategies to review available options. 

Solid wood finishes and veneer cores can be provided with a Class A fire rating [ASTM-E84].

Material must be stored and installed only in secured ambient environment (humidity range 25%–55%, temperature not to exceed 86°F). All windows, doors and wet-work must be complete before installation. Handle carefully to avoid damaging.

All materials supplied by ACGI are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year. Wood stains and colorings can vary over time due to job site conditions and are therefore excluded from this warranty. The contractor shall warrant for one year all work from final acceptance of completed work.

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