Comparison of Acoustical Plaster Manufacturers

A comparison of four the North America's biggest acoustical plaster suppliers. This guide covers acoustical data, fire rating, materials, VOC and mold testing, compression strength and density, and light reflectance (LRV). Compare manufacturers by the numbers.

Newmat Stretch Ceilings | FAQ

Newmat Stretch Ceilings | FAQ

Newmat has provided the architectural, design, acoustical, and lighting communities with the most creative and technically advanced ceiling system on the market. Invented over three decades ago in Sweden as a remedy for damaged plaster ceilings, PVC stretch ceilings became an ideal solution for this particular situation.Read more here and learn about Newmat ceiling products.

Acoustic Ceilings in Sustainable Buildings

When some people consider sustainable buildings, it is often seen as being about the impact the building makes on the natural environment, and how much energy and water the building uses. While these are very important considerations, they are not the main focus of what makes a building sustainable.