Sky Acoustics, Inc.

Acoustic ceiling and wall panels

AURA High aesthetic acoustical ceilings, APTUS acoustical concealed suspension systems, STRATUS high NRC painted acoustical panels, tegular and reveal edge acoustical panels, fabric covered panels.

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Aura panels are custom manufactured with extruded aluminum edges, which offer great design flexibility with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including curved panels, geometric shapes as well as flat standard and large panel sizes.


Lay-in ceiling panels are manufactured to all commercial ceiling tile sizes and in custom sizes. They are available in paint and fabric finishes. The Stratus Lay-in painted panels are available in any custom color with the same acoustical transparent coating in a smooth monolithic fine texture finish. Selected color can be matched to any paint chip specified by the designer


Supercluster is Sky Acoustic's accent floating cloud panel, which can feature a cluster of floating panels or one stand-alone ceiling panel. They are custom manufactured to a wide variety of curves, shapes and sizes to the designer’s specification.


Nexus panels are Sky Acoustic's standard resin hardened edge panels with selected fabric or paint finish. Their Nexus Panels can be customized to be installed on walls or ceilings with our various mounting systems. They are custom manufactured to a wide variety of curves, shapes and sizes to the designer’s specifications.


Sky Acoustics Baffles reduce the background noise and quickly causes the sound energy to decay, thus enhancing the auditory environment in the space. Two 1″ medium density fiberglass panels are bonded together with selected fabric. The fabric is bonded or stretch applied over the surface, edge turned and fixed together. The bottom of the baffle is seamless. The panel corners are tailor finished to give a clean look and appearance. An optional seamless edge is available to cover the sides of the baffle.